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Goecke, Gordon P. / 530 / O-834790 / Pilot, Lutsey's Crew (87)

          Gordon Paul Goecke's interview for the Veterans History Project at Atlanta History Center

Jansen, Albert (NMI) / 531 / 19148783 / Gunner, Benson's Crew (116)

          WWII Interview with Al Jansen B-24 Crew-member: GOD BLESS THE WWII HEROES - YouTube

Mackie, William B. / 530 / 263946 (RAAF) / Navigator, Cupper's Crew (70A)

          Mackie William - YouTube

Overheu, Richard F. / 529 (RAAF) / Acft Cmdr, Overheu's Crew (42)

          The War for Australia: Flying for the RAAF in WWII

Pooyouma, Rex (NMI) / GP / 38072901 / Ground Staff, Hopi Code Talker

          Hopi Festival 2018: 4 Hopi Code Talkers (Rex was honored at the 2019 Hope Code Talkers Day Event) - Read more on our website

          Heroes Of The American Legion WW2 - The Hopi Code Talkers - YouTube

Taylor, Charles B. / 530 / 15322758 / Asst Flt Eng, Gunner; Flt Eng, Huet's Crew, Cruze's Crew (51)

          Veterans History Project - Charles Taylor



B 24J 15 CO Liberator Milady in Bush near Mandora NT Australia

Shady Lady's Crew Rescued After Record Mission

B-24 Liberators of the RAAF

Yesterday's Air Force: WWII Heavy Bombardment

Why did America Come to Australia's Aid?

Day Trip: Darwin to Cox Peninsula | Part 5 - Visiting the "Milady" Wreck Site

Beautiful Betsy Crash Site - Kroombit Tops National Park

B-24 Diamond Lil - YouTube

380th Bomb Group Fenton - Facebook: Mile Pegs NT - WW2 in the Northern Territory, Australia



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Created: 31 August 2023