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This Part of the 380th Bomb Group (H) WWII Wartime Roster of personnel concentrates on the personnel of the Flight Crews of the Group. The same considerations as noted in Part I concerning personnel apply. We have divided the presentation here into four parts:

  1. A List of Named Aircraft Commanders and of Pilots who served as Aircraft Commanders subsequent to their pilot service.

  2. A List of the personnel on each crew. When the Pilot of the crew later took over all or part of the crew from the earlier Aircraft Commander, these are listed together. Thus this is a list of the air crews, not of the Aircraft Commanders and the crews who flew with them.

  3. A List of those personnel such as Photographers who flew with a large number of crews.

  4. A List of those personnel for whom no crew assignment has been found to date. Most of these personnel joined the 380th singly and may always have flown as replacement crew members. Many joined at or near the end of hostilities and may not have flown combat at all.

From early in the combat mission period the several operations staffs assigned crew numbers to each individual crew. These numbers were changed frequently as the size of the squadrons increased and the previous number allocation was insufficient. The number assigned to each crew in this roster is that which they held for the longest time. Because of the above changes, it will be noted that several crews bore the same crew number.

Assignment and use of these numbers ceased abruptly on May 15, 1945. Thus crews arriving at the 380th after this date will bear the legend (NL) meaning, "none listed," or no number mentioned in the mission records.


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Every attempt has been made to get permission to use photographs, drawings, information, etc., when the sources were known. If copyrighted material appears here, please let us know so permission can be requested and credit given. If you have any photos, corrections, or other information to add to this history, please send email to Barbara Gotham at 380th.ww2@gmail.comor use our Comment Form.

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