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We have established the following ground rules in preparing this roster:

  1. It should be as complete as practicable, i.e., find everyone we possibly can with reasonable effort.
  2. Give as much detail as possible on each individual, as carried in the extant records.
  3. Present material as it is listed in the records (i.e., name change, etc., since the war will not be used). We want this document to be as true to the WWII period as possible.
  4. Many Australians served with us. They will all be included whom had officially assigned duties in the 380th, i.e., carried air crew numbers, etc., and where records were made available to us. The Australians are included in this roster in their assumed place as regular members of the 380th Bomb Group. However, a separate part, Part III: Our Comrades-in-Arms, has been prepared in a more limited edition. It presents all of the Australian members for whom we have records collected together in one place in the same format as the rest of this roster.
  5. A large fraction of the flight crew personnel flew with crews other than their primary one due to sickness, leave and other causes. In this compilation we have attempted to pick out the primary crew of each individual and use only that one here. Where possible this has been a list of those who came to the 380th initially with that crew. When the crew was formed after arrival at the Group, every effort was made to include those members who flew most often with that crew.
  6. In order to relate RAAF personnel to their American compatriots, we have assigned the relevant US duty titles and MOS/SSN designations to them in these listings except for that of Gunnery Leader which has no equivalent on an American crew. Australian ranks have been retained. (See the listing of equivalent ranks here for comparison.)
  7. The several organizations within the 380th Bomb Group are presented separately in this compilation. The designs on the separator pages are the official emblems of these units as used during WWII. Please note that the Donald Duck emblem for the 531st Bomb Squadron is the one approved in March 1945 by the Walt Disney organization and the USAAF. The one used earlier and submitted for approval was a much "tamer" version. A copy of that particular design is given in Horton's, BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST, facing page 244. The colors used for these separators are those adopted and used by the 380th Bomb Group Association for all their publications, name badges, etc.


About this Roster
Notes Concerning Each Listing
Collection of Data
Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
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Command Structures
Roster of Group Headquarters
Roster of the 528th Squadron
Roster of the 529th Squadron
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Roster of the 531st Squadron

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