Members of the RAAF Liberator Squadrons of Australia
Who Served Directly With the 380th Bomb Group

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Theodore J. Williams
Barbara J. Gotham
September 1999 - Updated April 2006



The Royal Australian Air Force during World War II had always had an interest in establishing a heavy bomber arm in order to better carry out their offensive air mission against the Japanese.

The impending move of the Fifth Air Force of the USAAF (including the 380th Bomb Group based in Darwin, Northern Territory) to the Philippines, following the invasion of these islands, in late 1944-early 1945, made such an acquisition imperative. Accordingly, the RAAF acquired a total of 287 Liberator aircraft including D, J, L, and M models and cooperated with the Crew Replacement and Training Center of the Fifth Air Force to give conversion training in the Liberator to selected RAAF air crews.

Initial combat training was with an active USAAF Heavy Bomb Group. These included the 43rd and 90th but particularly the 380th since the 380th was serving in the combat area to be later covered by the Australian heavy bomber force. In addition, the 380th had been serving under the Australian North West Area Command and under Australian operational command.

Accordingly, 52 Australian air crews served with the 380th (13 each in four successive periods) to acquire 100 combat flying hours on regular 380th missions of all types. Australians flew both a complete Australian crew and as individuals in mixed crews with American compatriots. At the conclusion of this service, they then formed their own squadrons for later Australian-only operations.

This roster lists all Australian personnel known to have served with the 380th, in both Flight Crews and Ground Staff position. The first part of the roster presents all personnel in alphabetical order, the second part presents the Flight Crews in alphabetical order of the crew Aircraft Commander.


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